More One-Hit Wonders of the 2000’s Tuesday On Candidradio Live

Join Zman & Littleflurry this Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern Time on for more One-HIt Wonders of the 2000’s. There have been plenty of shows about One-Hit Wonders from the 60’s through the 90’s, we have done quite a few 80’s and 90’s ones ourselves, But there are also some great (and not so great) One-Hit wonders from the 2000’s, especially the early 2000’s and we’ll have more of them this week. from songs, you know and love to songs you may have forgotten about (possibly for a good reason) we’ll play them and we’ll talk about whatever pops into our heads on Candidradio Live This Tuesday from 7 PM – 10 PM Eastern Time on Magic 109 the station breaking the radio dial