Upbeat Music Dark Lyrics Thursday Night at 7 EDT on The Retro Arcade

This Thursday on The Retro Arcade I’ll be playing songs that at first seem fun to sing along with and then you hear the lyrics and think, "should I really be singing this?" Of course, you do anyway because like me you will probably sing anything. I’ll have great morbidly upbeat songs from rock, pop, alternative, dance, country, Hair Bands, and more. And I’ll talk about how things were back when dads remote control was "asking" you to go change the channel for him, when you had to make a long distance call after 8 PM on the 33rd of February to get a cheap rate, and according to Facebook, no one was ever injured or killed riding in a car without a seat belt. I hope you will join me for the fun Thursday night at 7 EDT on www.magic109.com