The All Night 80’s Party With Zman Friday August 24th At 11 PM EDT on Magic 109 Breaking The Radio Dial

Friday is launch day here at Magic 109 and I’ll be keeping the celebration going all night long with The All Night 80’s Party starting at 11 PM EDT and going non stop until Noon EDT on Saturday, August 25th. I’ll be playing a bunch of your favorites plus rare tracks, I’ll play everything from Rock, Pop, Dance, Alternative, new wave, hair bands. I’ll also have an hour or so of the weirder songs of the 80’s where I’ll play some strange hits and novelty songs. I’ll also have some 80’s stand up comedy and a few other features. Plus I’ll talk about all kinds of 80’s subjects, movies, TV, predictions about the future made back in the 80’s, Growing up in the 80’s and a whole lot more. I’ll also take your requests. Littleflurry will also be on the show throughout the night. We hope you will join us for 13 hours of great 80’s music and fun on Friday, August 24th starting at 11 PM EDT. on Breaking The Radio Dail. This show may contain adult content.