Welcome to the home where the magic happens! This is Magic 109, the only station breaking the radio dial! There’s something for everyone here on our station! Whether it’s just plain good music or a lively discussion, you’ll find something that satisfies you!

Other radio stations will boast that they give you what you want to hear. Though that is what we try to do, we confess it’s not our number one goal. Our hope is to provide a positive environment to each and every one of our presenters, so that they can feel comfortable doing their radio shows and programs, because we know when our presenters feel comfortable and happy, you as a listener will enjoy their programs and us in turn! We do this in a cost effective, self-sustaining and professional manor to ensure that Magic 109 is here to stay!

Our presenters are comprised of only the best, most talented, dedicated and committed individuals. We know when you listen to an internet radio station, you don’t want to listen to just anyone behind a microphone playing music. You want someone enthusiastic, engaging, interactive and will treat you like they’ve known you forever! That’s why we hand-pick our presenters and make sure they know there stuff and most importantly, are willing to get to know you! So, why not get to know them? Visit our team of presenters for yourself and make a new friend! If internet radio sounds like something you could do, why not join us? We’d love to have your talented expertise on Magic 109! Whether you’re a ‘newbie’ or have experience, you should consider us the place to get your ‘broadcasting thing’ on! We’d love to help you get started in the rewarding hobby we call broadcasting!

We here at Magic 109 love making magic happen and one way we do this is give you the ability to send requests to your favorite presenters! Sure, many internet radio stations do this, but we make it personal! Once you’ve made a request, you’ll get a personal response from us confirming that your request has been made and sent off to your favorite presenter! All our presenters love taking your requests and can’t wait to take one from you, so why not make a request now and make one of our presenter’s day?

When there is no live program on the air, we keep the music going! Our automation system, powered by our faithful Magician has probably the widest variety of music around and has been painstakingly categorized by both genre and decades to give you the best content possible and some fun periods of automation! You’ll hear rock, pop, country, Christian, oldies, a little bit of comedy/novelty tunes and so much more, that there just isn’t enough time to tell you all the genres in there! With over 20,000 tracks in our Magician’s library and expanding more and more every day, you’re sure to find something that you like! Check out our schedule to find out not only when your favorite presenter is on the air, but also what we have coming up next for automation as well!

That isn’t all though! We have a mailing list called the Magic 109 Announcements Mailing List where you can subscribe to our low traffic mailing list and get all kinds of goodies. Some things you might find in there include; announcements about Magic 109, our weekly schedule, contest details, show notes and more! If you haven’t subscribed yet, you should! If you don’t want to subscribe though, that’s okay! You can find all this information on our website as well!

So, why not give us a listen and hear for yourself, whether or not we really do set ourselves apart from the rest of the internet radio community by playing your favorite tunes or bring lively discussion with only the best talent available to us? We pride ourselves when it comes to what we deliver to our listeners and hope you find what we offer to your liking! If you need to get in touch with us, feel free! We’d be happy to help you in any way we can and thank you for visiting Magic 109, where we’re always breaking the radio dial!